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Made in Melbourne leather bags

agenda is a Melbourne brand of leather bags and compendiums designed for the discerning man or woman who have an agenda… each piece is hand-cut & stitched in Melbourne Australia and is as unique as the leather it is made from.

The textured leather of agenda begs to be held – to be owned; to become a familiar and much loved part of your life; to carry you from design studio to board room; to construction site or like your true friend, to travel with you to other shores. agenda’s rustic warm leather is a reminder of what is real and true and every piece of agenda is as unique as the leather it is made from. Born out of Melbourne’s inner city fashion hub agenda responds to the pulses of form and function – it speaks of longevity – something you could proudly hand on to your grandchildren – because it will last. agenda is designed, hand-cut and hand-stitched in Melbourne Australia.

agenda bags can be adapted to suit your personal specifications – so dream up your perfect bag and talk to us about what you would like… designer appointments available at Fokus or send an email…

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